News : 3rd August 2011
Melbourne Australia - Bestrane is please to announce the availability of On Demand Route Planner and AVL as a service for small to medium fleet owners in Australia. Traditionally this type of route optimisation/scheduling capability has only been available to large fleet owners with dedicated IT in...
Case Studies :
Sustainable Changes — going beyond “Business As Usual” Why general cost takeout is often not enough. There is a high probability that you have recently experienced a reduction in variable and discretionary expenditure, contract/FTE staff, investments/programmes or a combination of all of the...

Dock Appointments

Please select the link below to log in to Descartes Dock Appointments

Descartes Dock Appointments - Log-in

Bestrane MobileDock Anywhere - Log-in

As of Thursday 10th October 2013, users making bookings to Westfield centres may make bookings directly through using a simplified user interface. This direct access may be used in many common internet browsers including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Just use your existing Dock Appointments user name and password for booking at Westfield.

Dock Appointment Scheduler News

Click on the link to view the latest Dock Appointment Scheduler Newsletter

Bestrane has developed a new cross browser access to Dock Appointments. In response to requests from the Carrier/Supplier/Retailer community, Dock Appointments may be accessed from browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, as well as Internet Explorer. See the link above.

Bestrane Support for Descartes Dock Appointments

Bestrane provides first line support to Dock Appointments users in Australia. This support allows users to log calls for requests such as Password Reset, Supplier Details Update, Supplier Users Update, Carrier Details Update, Carrier Users Update.

Automatic Password Recovery: Set and Reset Your Password

Use this link to watch a video to help you Set and Reset Your Password for Dock Appointment Scheduling.
In order for you to recover your password automatically, you must have first entered a password recovery question and associated answer. To recover your password you will require the Company Name you are making deliveries to, your User Name, and the answer to your recovery question. This video will show you how.

Support Portal: Create/Manage Support Requests

Registered users are able to create, update and manage your Bestrane support requests through our online support portal.

Email Requests:

Password Reset Request to request the reset of your password

Supplier Details Update to update Supplier name, address and user information

Supplier Add Carrier to add Carriers working for Suppliers

Carrier Details Update to update Carrier name, address and user information

Support requests will be actioned within 24 business hours the request, provided sufficient information is provided.


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